Gravity Forms is hands down my favourite WordPress form builder plugin out there. I love it for its extensibility and flexibility. And as a developer, its got a great API that allows me to create add-ons and extensions easily. is a modern document reimagined. The creators of Coda, (A Doc backwards), set out to rethink what a modern digital document would be if we were to start from scratch today, with all the modern web technologies at our finger tips.

Coda allows for tables, 3rd party integrations and formulas to make dynamic app like documents that are actionable and flexible.

With that in mind, I wanted to bridge these 2 systems by creating a Gravity Forms add-on to push form submissions to a document.

Simply install the plugin in your WordPress install, enter the API key, select the document to push to and watch the magic happen.

Use this for surveys, a simple CRM, or a way to manage contact form submissions.