Coolest f***er you will ever meet.

Damn, I wish I was Mohamed.
Why do all the chicks love Mohamed?

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No Seriously… Who Am I?

I'm a passionate people person and a tailored professional, whose mission as a web developer, digital strategist and human being is to bring people together and help them achieve awesomeness.

What do I do?

Web Development

With over ten years of web development experience -- building everything from websites to applications to landing pages, I have the practical know-how to create a thriving online ecosystem for your brand. I can plan, deploy, optimize and run quality assurance tests on applications, websites, etc.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing means more than just having a Facebook account. It’s about managing the customer relationship across channels. It means understanding the nuances of your target audience’s online behaviours and setting up the proper tools to attract and retain them. I can help you connect better with your audience on the web.

And I do it with love…

from brain to internet…

english is a crazy language

My experience learning French lately has been interesting, only because I held the belief that English is a reasonably easy language to learn only because it’s so unstructured and the rules are quite simple. Then I stumbled on this lil video, that brought a few things in perspective.


Everyday we are inundated with a barrage of advertising. The same stock footage of ethnic groups mixing. The repetitive and simple guitar or piano rhythm. The inspiring yet meaningless buzzwords. This is a parody of the generic video, made with generic music, generic footage, generic messaging for generic buzzwords. A lil too close to the generic real thing.


I’ve always been a fan of The Simpsons, and especially the couch gag. This special couch gag by french animator Sylvain Chomet is hilariously awesome, and reminds me of the classic french cartoon “The Triplets of Bellville” (“Belleville Rendez-vous”).

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